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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Type 2 Diabetes - Diabetes and Mental Health

It is often difficult for unaffected individuals to understand the link between Type 2 diabetes and mental health issues but it is certainly there. Dealing with diabetes can be overwhelming which sparks feelings of fear, anxiety, stress, denial and depression. This is especially true in newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics. Finding out that you have a potentially deadly, and certainly life altering, disease can be devastating.

Initial Reactions:

Anger is often the first emotion experienced by a person who has just received a Type 2 diagnosis. You may feel angry, not only at the fact you have Type 2 diabetes but also at those around you who don't. It's natural!

Let yourself be angry for a minute if you must and then move on. The more intense your anger, the more likely it is your behavior will be inappropriate. Dwelling on how unfair it is will do nothing to help your condition. Remember everyone has something annoying and frustrating they have to deal with, even if you can't always see it.

The next emotion is denial. When you are done feeling angry, you may think you need a second opinion. Doctors have been wrong before, right? Chances are good that your doctor is experienced in diagnosing Type 2 diabetes but if you feel as though you need another opinion to put your mind at ease, make an appointment with a second doctor.

Fear may set in once you come to terms with the fact you do have diabetes. How are you going to manage it? Will you have to prepare special meals and how will your family take it? Is your insurance going to cover your medication? A lot of questions will race through your mind because you probably aren't aware you can manage this disease with a little helpful guidance.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Reducing the Risk of Diabetes By Breastfeeding Babies

Did you know in some parts of the world have done much research on diabetes, from these studies is known that a person who was feeding the baby could actually reduce the risk of various diseases and of them is diabetes.

From various studies that have found a new study that says that if sorang breastfeeding mothers for a month was able to reduce the risk of prediabetes by half. Prediabetes is a condition that can trigger diabetes in more severe circumstances .

In a study that was done for 20 years and involving 704 women the researchers found that breastfeeding can reduce the risk of diabetes between 39 and 56 percent, it depends on how long the mothers of breastfeeding infants. Women who had gestational diabetes or high sugar levels during pregnancy, even a greater protection in the next age, with reduced risk of diabetes between 44 and 86 per cent. Specific and that number is an encouraging result. This is a way for manage Diabetes.

Failed Kidney Patients Causes of Death For Diabetes

Does meets these demands to know? that in the body, the kidneys have a very large functions, including a function as a filter to clean the blood or other fluids. And functions with the aim of the chemicals contained in the blood or other bodily fluids are not brought back by the blood and circulate throughout the body, because if it happens it will be fatal.

Mechanism is partially filtered waste that will be issued with urine. But in the process some may be left behind and settled into kidney stones and that's what causes kidney stone disease. If the sediment is not removed, it will be settled in the kidney or switch to the bladder so that the disease gets worse.

Furthermore, if the kidneys are not treated properly it will be very vulnerable to the risk of kidney failure. Risk can also occur because of primary disorders such as kidney infection, kidney stone obstruction, renal disorders and complications, and if complications occur, of course, will aggravate the condition of the kidneys and slow healing.

Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is one cause of kidney complications occur, acute at this stage will lead to diabetes, kidney failure. Complications of renal failure for diabetes is one of the biggest causes of death for people with diabetes. Such diets like eating junk food, lots of salt, unbalanced life can also cause kidney will break down slowly, and this is very often happens in society.This also applies to any type of diabetes