Friday, December 25, 2009

Easy Reach, Signs Diabetes Is It?

The symptoms of diabetes is easy thirsty, urinate a lot at night, easy to hunger, and weight dropped dramatically. Still, there are still some atypical symptoms to watch, one of which is easily tired (tired)

when we've felt this tired easily occur because the body the energy shortage. Sugar or glucose together with fatty acids are the primary fuel molecules triggers the metabolism of living things. The organs most fuel user is the heart, brain, heart, muscle, and adipose tissue.

In people who suffer from diabetes the cells can not get glucose are needed because the insulin does not work. Therefore, although the amount of excess glucose, its use in the organs of the body is very low. That is, people with diabetes to feel hungry even though the excess blood sugar.

Meanwhile, glucose does not enter into the cell will accumulate in the bloodstream. Body and respond by producing more insulin until a sugar that can enter the cell. However, over time the body can no longer produce insulin. Glucose in the blood that had accumulated gradually destroys blood vessels in the eyes, kidneys, and heart.
Excess concentration of glucose in the body of solution made other metabolic problems.

The symptoms are not typical of other diabetes is a whitish, easy to sleep, easy to infection, and teeth are often hollow. To be sure, consult a doctor and do tests to determine blood sugar levels.

Therefore we must be alert to the symptoms that arise that we do not know. Kunsultasi the doctor is a great way to find out diabetes.

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