Sunday, March 15, 2009

History of Diabetes On Human

At school, I did not appreciate the historical material. I do not remember all the dates and events are now even more. However, I am concerned when I had control of the threshold levels for sugar a few months ago. Although cardiovascular Mazen Adel doctor assured me that I did not have diabetes, one way or another, I care. As expected, someone directed me to research my defense mechanism.

It is good that we have great search engine for scientific information and medical data of diabetes. I know what happened to the first people in diabetes reduce me really sick. A great opportunity for me to be a disease if I do not care for themselves receive. The other thing to ensure that this can be prevented and controlled. When I open the pages of history of diabetes, as I opened the window on the past and vision of this event is very clear that I can remember. Then I realized that for the first time, I enjoy reading history.

Let us together diabetes.kata diabetes problem discuss derived from the Greek, who began trying to suck as a means of diabetes. This is based on different characteristics and urinate more frequently, if not treated quickly. Later, was the seventeenth century the word "sweet", which means soft. Did you know that the early days, there is a popular method of urine sample of patients diagnosed with diabetes. My grandmother even told me they use, because ants love sugar ants.

We must remember that history is very important for us all. Value and why we not learn the material we are on school or university, but also an impact on our lives. Diabetes is a chronic disease that can attack us if we force. Let us begin to maintain their health before it r├│mhall. Let's Start today to learn more about diabetes.History of The World's Disease Diabetes

Friday, March 6, 2009

How To Manage Diabetes

First we need to know the symptoms that we feel. And than like symptoms in a magazine for you to consult your doctor. Be sure to tell your doctor of a family history of diabetes as well. Note that no cover-up.

If you receive a diagnosis of diabetes, which are certainly not alone. In fact, you're one of nearly 24 million Americans live with the pain. However, rest assured that it is a curable disease, and what you can and want to learn to live together.

After diaknosa further action is completely dependent on the type of diabetes. If you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it means that the body produces no insulin. Type 1 diabetes must rely on injections of insulin to their bodies able to function properly. In addition to insulin, you may want to try some natural remedies for diabetes and to help give your body additional increases needed to maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood.

There are natural treatments for diabetes include herbal supplements such as ginseng, strengthen, and gooseberries, minerals such as chromium, magnesium and zinc, and some even consider a natural remedy for the formation of a positive impact of reducing blood sugar and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Natural remedies for diabetes is an excellent way to manage all types of diabetes. Many herbs and minerals are revealed lower levels of blood sugar, so you want to make sure that more and more in your diet may be important for each diabetic. If you choose to take supplements or adding a specific nutrient-rich foods in your diet, be sure to consult your doctor.

If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it means that your body does not produce enough insulin, and in addition, do not properly use insulin. This is the most common type of diabetes and can cause a family history or other complications of health personnel. Sometimes it's not an attack of diabetes is quite clear.

Other species, including gestational diabetes (condition, while only in pregnant women) and pre-diabetes (usually from diabetes extreme because the higher the concentration of glucose in the blood). While both the assessment are severe, the biggest concern is to avoid the initiation of a diabetes type 2. What is the most important thing to note that the analysis of diabetes is not fatal. Overcoming diabetes will often require changes in lifestyle, but it is on you to ensure that the amendments will help to make life happy and healthy again.