Wednesday, April 15, 2009

History of The World's Disease Diabetes

Diabetes is a dangerous disease, if not immediately atasi.Pada in 1552 BC, Egypt, known as a disease characterized by frequent urination, and significant amounts (called: Poliurial), and weight loss quickly, without pain. Later in the year 400 BC, the Indian writer named sushratha disease: urinary tract diseases of honey (honey urine disease).

Finally, Aretaeus in 200 BC was the first time gave the name of: Diabetes, meaning "passing through" and mellitus means "sweet". Diabetes has been called, because it was always drinking and in large quantities (polydipsia), which then "flow" will continue to form urine (urine) is called mellitus because of urine contained sugar (sweet).

Basically, diabetes mellitus (DM) or diabetes caused by insulin was not patient enough, or does not operate normally, even though insulin has an important role in regulating blood glucose (= sugar), blood levels of about 60 to 120 mg / dl when fasting and less than 200 mg / dl in two hours after a meal.

Since the hormone insulin in 1921, Banting and Best in Canada, the mortality rate of miscarriage and a diabetic mother is pregnant are reduced. Finally, in 1954, Franke and Fuchs tried OAD tablets (anti-diabetes drug) in humans, which will eventually find the OAD is growing rapidly and the different types of label use.

This information is not to create fear of the reader complications that can occur in people with diabetes mellitus, but the aim of our readers:
  1. Know that the reader can diabetes mellitus that.
  2. The information that the reader may have diabetes, a disease that is not dangerous to the source is underestimated.
  3. Contraceptive Diabets mellitus.
  4. The most important diit Knowing that the main role in the treatment of diabetes.
  5. It may take the proper diabetic diet, so the influence of diabetes mellitus may be healthy again.
This information may be useful for diabetics .... I can assure you that diabetes Disa win, if the victim can carry information about the ... and still see your doctor, if the recurrence of diabetes.
Mor information is Importance of Healthy Food for People With Diabetes

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