Friday, December 25, 2009

Benefits Of Pare

What's your Taukah pare? Pare who traditionally is believed to be bitter medicine for diabetes. Not only in the country, but also abroad.

The experts recommend pare very good fruit to reduce and even cure diabetes.
For centuries pare is used in China and Asian countries to treat diabetes.

Pare was producing pancreatic beta cells in diabetics and beneficial to reduce stress pare oksidat

But we also have to be careful. Because there are side effects and toxicity to pare. Giving pare extracts are considered safe subcutaneous injection,

Reported giving fruit extracts pare 250-500 grams in patients with diabetes can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Also note that pare contains momorcharin, the effect antifertilitas aka hard having children. Pare can be toxic in adults when given in doses of 400-1000 ml.

Therefore pare good fruit for diabetics consumed provided with an appropriate composition in order not to be toxic to our own.

To avoid the disease Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and type 2

Diabetes mellitus increased rapidly in all parts of the world each year, including Indonesia. Therefore, early detection is less noticed by the people

You need to know, with diabetes have two symptoms that accompany it, classic and nonklasik. Some of the classic symptoms, like a lot of peeing, a lot of drinking, lose weight dramatically, and eat a lot. While nonklasik symptoms (symptoms that are not typical and is often considered trivial), the tingling in hands and feet, easily tired and weak, prone to infection, erectile dysfunction, and cataracts.

Many studies have shown, the increase in blood sugar levels are not controlled and occurs continually damage the blood vessels that lead to vision problems (cataracts and glaucoma), kidney failure, leg injuries that ended in amputation, heart disease, and stroke. This can be called a disease complications.

Keep in the know, these complications can be prevented or slowed if the diabetes is handled properly. And do not forget, controlled blood sugar levels as optimal as possible. Enough exercise, eating good food.
while for the food, portions karbhohidrat intake must be considered, ie, avoid simple sugars like cakes, chocolate, and then jams, avoid junk food, and food consumption should be steamed and boiled rather than fried. even natural food is still good for consumption. Examples of fruit and fresh vegetables. Diet For Diabetes Patients

Easy Reach, Signs Diabetes Is It?

The symptoms of diabetes is easy thirsty, urinate a lot at night, easy to hunger, and weight dropped dramatically. Still, there are still some atypical symptoms to watch, one of which is easily tired (tired)

when we've felt this tired easily occur because the body the energy shortage. Sugar or glucose together with fatty acids are the primary fuel molecules triggers the metabolism of living things. The organs most fuel user is the heart, brain, heart, muscle, and adipose tissue.

In people who suffer from diabetes the cells can not get glucose are needed because the insulin does not work. Therefore, although the amount of excess glucose, its use in the organs of the body is very low. That is, people with diabetes to feel hungry even though the excess blood sugar.

Meanwhile, glucose does not enter into the cell will accumulate in the bloodstream. Body and respond by producing more insulin until a sugar that can enter the cell. However, over time the body can no longer produce insulin. Glucose in the blood that had accumulated gradually destroys blood vessels in the eyes, kidneys, and heart.
Excess concentration of glucose in the body of solution made other metabolic problems.

The symptoms are not typical of other diabetes is a whitish, easy to sleep, easy to infection, and teeth are often hollow. To be sure, consult a doctor and do tests to determine blood sugar levels.

Therefore we must be alert to the symptoms that arise that we do not know. Kunsultasi the doctor is a great way to find out diabetes.

Female Patients With Diabetes Can Not Enjoy Sexual Intercourse

Many people with diabetes in the world, more than a third of women with diabetes (diabetasi) Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes has a number of problems in sexual activity. Let's talk about the cause.

From research conducted, found a number of triggers why women have diabetes have problems in sexual life.

A number of women asked to fill out questionnaires about their sexual function. In addition, they also undergo a physical examination, evaluation of mood, and laboratory tests. The results the research team found the facts, some 35 percent of women have sexual dysfunction problems.

In the initial analysis, sexual dysfunction was associated with older age, unmarried women, postmenopausal women, women who have blood circulation problems, and depression. However, after consideration, it was just depression and marital status can significantly associated with sexual dysfunction.

The findings also show that depression is a key factor related to sexuality issues in women. This is contrary to the facts that occurred in men.

Therefore, diabetes should be overcome as early as possible. In order undisturbed sexsual problem, namely how to maintain the diet The Importance of Healthy Food for People With Diabetes and regular exercise and rest.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fruit Juice Beverage Closely Related to Diabetes

Women in this world want to have a beautiful body, not fat and not skinny. much they do to get a good physique. Therefore, women who want to avoid type two diabetes should fill their plates with green vegetables and all kinds of fruit. However, they recommended postponing the consumption of fruit juice. As a drink every day. With the increasing consumption of fruits each day, or increase the intake of green vegetables, like spinach, will reduce the risk of developing diabetes at the age periods above 18 years.

It was thought that eating fruits can increase the risk of diabetes, but there are experts who say that they found, increased consumption of fruits three times a day associated with a reduced risk of diabetes type two reached 18 percent. If you multiply the consumption of green vegetables, it will reduce the risk of diabetes by 9 percent. However, the addition of fruit juice consumption may actually increase the development of diabetes, approximately 18 percent.

Based on these findings, people are suggested to be very careful if you want to replace some drinks with fruit juice as an effort to implement a healthier lifestyle. We must continue to consider the types of fruits and vegetables that are suitable for our consumption. For the role of doctors is very important to us.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vegetable and Fruit Penggelontor Cholesterol

Disease Diabetes is a disease that depends on blood sugar levels . But DM patients or diabetes mellitus are not only affected his blood sugar levels, but also impact on the deterioration of blood Cholestero And Diabetes
For that there are some recipes from a variety of vegetables and fruits are useful to neutralize cholesterol levels. Some types of plants there are also pretty useful lower blood sugar, such as beans.

Here is a recipe for lowering cholesterol;

1. Avocado
Usage: washed fruit, avocado just eaten as fruit. Do it every day.

2. Carrots
Usage: carrots washed, and then blended or grated, then squeezed and filtered. Drinking water well, do every day.

3. Lingzhi Mushroom
Usage: lingzhi mushrooms cut-Otong necessary. Boiled with 3 clean water glass until remaining 1 glass. After the cold, the water was drunk as well.

4. Seaweed
Usage: sea grass ground into powder. Enter into the cup, and brewed with boiling water. Drinking water every day.

5. Carambola Sweet
Usage: fruit star fruit eaten after breakfast and dinner, each 1 fruit.

6. Acid
Usage: acid washed leaves, then boil with 1 cup water for 15 minutes. After a cold, filtered water and drink at once. Apply 2 times a day.

7. Onion
Usage: Shallots thinly sliced, eaten with rice. Do it 3 times a day with the same size.Onion, Important To Health

8. Garlic
Usage: garlic, thinly sliced or dipipiskan and made a small sphere. Then swallow. Apply 2 times a day.

9. Wild Ginger
Usage: Rhizome of ginger peeled and grated, add 3 / 4 cup hot water and let it settle. After a cold, sediment removed, the water was drunk. Do it every day.

10. Beans
Usage: beans washed, then boiled. After a bit withered, beans removed. This bean stew eaten with rice.

11. Mulberries
Usage: Duan washed, then boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, after a cold, filtered and drunk. Do it every day.

12. Celery
Usage: celery root is washed, then boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining 1 cup. After a cold, filtered water, drinking as well.

13. Daun Sirih
Usage: Leaves are washed clean, lali boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup. After a cold, filtered water and drink at once. Do it every day.

From some recipes we can apply the above so that we can avoid diabetes. Besides, if cholesterol-lowering secrets can regularly as cholesterol-lowering prescriptions. And do not forget to berkonsoltasi to your doctor about your complaint.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Secret Reduce Diabetes Disease

We know that in this world diabetes increasing in number. Many countries are difficult to overcome the problem of diabetes. But Singapore can overcome the problem of diabetes. How can I fix.

First we need to know What makes the number of people with diabetes continue to rise? According to Prof. Slamet, lifestyle factors (excessive eating, lack of exercise, stress), derivatives and access to affordable treatment is not the cause of rise in blood sugar levels and lower insulin causes diabetes. Anyone can get a good diabetic children, the elderly, young, beautiful, ugly, everything can be affected. By because they were a healthy lifestyle should really be considered routine treatment.

It was noticed by the government in Singapore. The Singapore government makes regulations that encourage a healthy lifestyle for the community. Example for his military service that fat contract will be extended to 3 months or for children of school hours for lessons plus more sports and play, "said Dr Soewondo Pradana, chairman Perkeni (Endrokinologi Indonesian Association).

The point is to make its rules a bit to force people to apply healthy living, since people often forget about the lack of discipline and health care. And because the state of Singapore has proven to do so, too should be able to Indonesia. "Maybe to Indonesia, could be by adding hours to its employees that fat,"

That way the government can fix the problem singapore diabetes. therefore we must imitate the

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copi Tea Reduce Disease And Diabetes

Coffee and tea, maybe it was the drink that we drink every day. according to the surve, benyak people who consume coffee and tea have a lower risk of disease Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes insulin-dependent diabetes and is the type of the more common.

However, coffee and tea properties to protect the body does not come from the caffeine contained in them. Proved that the non-coffee caffeine (decaf) have the best effect to ward off diabetes. Even if the drink is a non-caffeine coffee then the effect will be better ie more than 30 percent.

People with type two diabetes usually begins to feel a complaint at the age of 40 years and over and more so when the body does not produce the insulin the body needs precisely. Usually two types of diabetes is treated with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. The drugs and sometimes insulin injections are also needed to address complaints diabetics.

The doctors untu mengenjurkan someone drinking coffee and tea, and eat nutritious food for the body, and exercise routine every day. Drinking Coffee Prevent Diabetes

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cholestero And Diabetes

Many people who do not know about the disease know about diabetes. Factors That Cause Diabetes which causes diabetes. Now let us learn about the disease one of diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus Possible Causes is kolesterol.You are already kolesterol. Word Cholesterol often we hear everyday. Keyword cholesterol is attached to the things about good food, excessive weight, age, and so forth. Cholesterol tended known as something negative and we must hindari. Onion, Important To Health
Cholesterol is a fatty compound complex, which produced 80% of the body (liver) and 20% are from outside the body (nutrients) for a variety of functions in the body, such as forming the cell wall.

Cholesterol is a substance which is in the foods we eat can improve blood cholesterol levels. But, as far as revenue is balanced with the need, your body will remain healthy.

Cholesterol is not soluble in blood fluids, for it to be sent to the whole body needs to be packed with proteins into particles called lipoproteins, which can be regarded as a 'bearer' (carrier) cholesterol in the blood.

Is cholesterol harmful?

From the questions above we may conclude that the disease is also very dangerous cholesterol levels, especially for diabetics. Kolesterok therefore must be maintained in a way that bergisi eating, not too much, regular exercise and enough rest. if we do it regularly will reduce diabetes.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Onion, Important To Health

Do you have diabetes? Did you know pengen natural foods for people with dibetes? You want information? At sina we will discuss about good food in the consumption of people with diabetes, of course, natural foods. Cholestero And Diabetes

Herb butter

Bean concoction effective drug for diabetics. Being able to lower blood sugar levels


Everyone must know and never eat lettuce. Lettuce is an ideal food to lower blood sugar levels. It is low in cholesterol and carbohydrates. Foods that lower cholesterol is very good for health.


Tomatoes are one food saloah for some people faforit Tomatoes are foods for diabetics since it not only lowered lowering glucose levels in the urine but also help them to lose weight. Therefore, doctors recommend eating tomatoes every day.

Soya Bean

Soybean able to keep blood sugar levels in the body and able to overcome the problems urinating. Soybeans have a low carbohydrate content but rich in protein. This is also good for health.


Each dish will be delicious when combined with delicious onion garlic consumed either cooked or raw good for diabetics. This bias lowering blood sugar levels. Onion bring similar compounds used to produce insulin. Onion consumption is much better for health.

French beans

French beans are also good for diabetics consumed. French beans taste delicious when cooked properly. They are rich in protein and fiber and contains some complex carbohydrates as well. Therefore, French bean is recommended by doctors to be consumed in order to lower blood sugar levels.

Brussels Sprout

Did you know Brussels Sprout? Bean juice cocktail from France and Brussels sprout juice is a great juice to lower blood sugar levels. Juice stimulates insulin production, resulting in lower blood sugar levels.

When we consume food as above with the routine diabetes overcome the bias that is not getting worse and be able to keep from complications cause. Consultation with the doctor the most important thing. Onion very important for any type diabetes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Food Consumed Natural Diabetes Patients

This is a one again about Information Diabetes, The first time, diabetes has been cured naturally. But now with the advent of advanced medical technology, the search for drugs to cope with diabetes.

According to some researchers that showed the use of herbs, oils and plant products and by-products may help in natural medicine. Have you ever had that problem to ask your doctor .. We know the disease Diabetes is a disease that kills human bias if not addressed. For that let us learn about a few things about diabetes. We discussed one by one.

A. fish oil, omega-3 oil, borage oil

Research shows that fatty acids are beneficial in improving cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes. Gamma linolenic acid is a fatty acid found to normalize and reduce the metabolism of fatty acids that can worsen the complications of diabetes. Therefore, fish oil, omega 3, borage oil is very important for the health of fish kita.Minyak body was recommended to protect against diabetes.

B. Hydrotherapy

Did you know that dimaksut to Hydrotherapy? Let us behas about hidroterapi.Hidroterapi is the process of using water to treat diabetes. The ability of water to absorb heat and can have a useful effect for the human body. Among the benefits is that it can reduce blood sugar levels, sleep soundly and improve the freshness of the body, especially the

C. Good Healthy Diet

Natural and raw foods can add benefits to your body. Healthy eating fruits and vegetables, while attached to natural regimen can cleanse the body.

D. Massage or a reflection

Hands on therapy or massage can improve the welfare and health. Soft tissue and muscles are manipulated in this process which affects the blood circulation, muscle and nervous system of the body. Massage had since been used to treat diabetes and other diseases.

Some people may feel comfortable with drugs but they have people who prefer natural ways to cure their disease. The term for the process of treating diabetes in natural ways is called naturopathy. Naturopathy consists of herbal medicines. Scientific investigation recently has established the efficacy of certain natural plants which may be effective, including balsam pear, bitter melon, garlic, red onion, Asian ginseng, bilberry, ginkgo biloba extract, cinnamon and barberry. From the example above try to consume

People with diabetes is always recommended that the reduction of sugar intake is the best help for their illness. Consult your doctor if your diabetes more severe and do not forget taking the drug your doctor ordered. Take care of your health continues. This food recommended for anything type diabetes.

Drinking Coffee Prevent Diabetes

Some people drink coffee is to have his own pleasure while drinking it. Drinking coffee can be done every day as we relaxed. Drinking coffee, especially if no caffeine, will reduce the risk of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The relationship between coffee and diabetes risk appears very closely, most studies have found that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes.

Caffeine as a whole does not seem much related to the risk of diabetes, further stated that some other ingredient in coffee was responsible. "Magnesium, coffee is a good source, could explain some of an inverse association between coffee consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus through known beneficial effects on carbohydrate metabolism

Therefore, experts recommend consuming coffee for caffeine challenge to avoid diabetes. Drink at least 1 cup of coffee every day for diabetes can be a little overcome.