Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diabetes And Fasting

Diabetes and Fasting
Many diabetics who complain when undergoing fasting. Especially in the month of fasting Romadhon. Because diabetes hunger, thirst difficult to overcome.
But do not worry for people with diabetes, you tetep bias

• Patients are restrained enough to just eat the settings have no trouble when fasting. Patients who are quite restrained with a single dose of the drug also had no difficulty in berpuasaObat given during fasting.
• For controlled with oral hypoglycemic drugs (Oho) high doses, the drug dose is given before the break is greater than dosissahur. For the use of insulin, insulin use medium term given the breaking of course.
• The patient must use insulin (DMTI) double dose, is recommended for not fasting in the month Romadhon

Wound Care Diabetes

Very little injuries berbahanya for people with diabetes. So you should not underestimate the ketch was injured .. If not soon overcome will be a very big wound. And the resulting decay

There are several types of injuries, ranging from mild to severe, including surgery, traumatic and chronic wounds. Traumatic injury can be caused by mechanical, traumatic or thermal injuries, including bruising, lacerations, punctures, broken bones, burns, and frostbite. Surgical wound is usually clean and easiest to heal. As you can see the definition, chronic wounds may be more difficult to heal, including pressure and diabetic wounds and ulcers. So do not pooh-pooh.

Wounds can be classified into 2 categories:
Partial and full thickness.
1. With partial thickness damage to the epidermal and dermal tissue, including burns, and blisters, usually painful to the touch.
2. Full thickness wounds with damage to the epidermis, dermal, or subcutaneous tissue, including flame burns, boiling liquids and chemical burns, usually without any obvious pain.

Types of traumatic injury wound. Traumatic injuries categorized into several types:
(1) abrasion,
(2) bruises,
(3) incision,
(4) explore the wound,
(5) blister,
(6) bite,
(7) injury,
(8) thermal injury.

Surgical wounds resulting from trauma caused by the operation. Surgical wounds include:
(1) post-incision surgery, including dental extraction,
(2) sewing the wound,
(3) donor wound as in blood donors,
(4) injury,
(5) skin graft wounds,
(6) periostomy skin lesions, and
(7) peritracheotomy

The process of wound healing in a person usually occurs during long periods of time. Even with minor injuries such as scratches wounds, wounds in the injured person may develop into a very traumatic injuries requiring medical, hospital, and even surgery. In general, if the wound does not heal within a month, you should consult a dokter.agar know what diseases suffered.

if you are injured soon after an injury or wound. Treat your wounds bengan mengasih drugs. Blood clot protein called fibrin threads, which bind the wound together and stop the bleeding. If the damaged tissue, a cellular cascade of events begins to prepare the injured area for the deposition of collagen, which eventually will replace damaged mesenchymal tissue.

Here, doctors are required to treat wounds. Both minor injuries or serious injury. Especially for people with diabetes.