Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diet For Diabetes Patients

Many suffering diabetes, can be prevented, or at the appropriate overcome .. Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce, too little, or can not produce insulin (a hormone produced in the pancreas is responsible for managing glucose levels). This results in hyperglycemia, or the amount of excess blood sugar. If not managed properly, diabetes can increase the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, gangrene, hypertension, and stroke. Complications can be called a disease, which caused the death of bias.

Symptoms that arise include frequent stools Because too much to drink, always hungry, and eyes become blurred.

Diabetes Complications
Blood sugar levels (diabetes) may have an excessive negative impact or less good for our bodies and in the kidneys and liver, which may result in kidney disease and liver disease
Circulatory problems caused by diabetes can cause nerve damage. Blockage of blood vessels can occur when hypertension and high cholesterol in the individual. This can cause damage to the heart, legs, brain, and other parts of the body that has a large blood vessels. All of that if not addressed could result in death

To overcome let blood sugar (diabetes) does not get worse there are some things to note. Suppose diabetic diet must be observed. This is related to body weight,

1. Weight loss and diabetes
An important aspect in managing diabetes is to manage your weight. Reducing excess weight and maintain low body fat have been shown to reduce (or, in some cases eliminate) the risks associated with abnormalities in type II.

2. Nutritional Importance

3. Carbohydrates
There are 3 types of carbohydrates that we know; the first low glycemic (complex, or slow-burning carbohydrates), that the two high glycemic (simple, or fast-burning carbohydrates), and that the three dietary fiber (indigestible part of the vegetation).
Some examples of good sources of carbohydrates eaten by diabetics.Good Food Consumed Natural Diabetes Patients
* Leafy green vegetables
* Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and green beans
* Fruits

4. Fat
There are 4 types of fat, saturated fat first, the second unsaturated fats, trans fats third, fourth and cholesterol.
Example of a good source of edible fat diabetics

* Olive oil
* Canola oil
* Nuts / seeds
* Avocados

5. Protein
Protein serves to strengthen the muscles and plays a major role in maintaining the body.
Examples of protein sources to include in the meal plan.

* Fish
* Poultry
* Nuts

For diabetics, diet is required to regulate blood sugar can be regulated by both, and complications of diabetes can be prevented.

Diabetes Causes Of Death

There is so much you can do to reduce the risk of many of the major acids cause of death.

Here are ten of preventable death
1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Stroke
4. Chronic respiratory disease lower
5. Accident
6. Diabetes
7. Alzheimer
8. Influenza and pneumonia
9. Kidneys
10. Septicemia

From the top ten diseases if not treated immediately in the cause of death
14.6% of all deaths in the world are from other causes related to lifestyle and diet the wrong choice.

Illness and disease is not something to ask, it is something that you can be from several things. You do not get cancer, your cancer do with lifestyle and diet choices. For example, if you smoke you do lung cancer. If you drink alcohol you do liver and / or kidney disease. If you eat a pure acid such as sugar and / or animal protein that you are doing diabetes or colon cancer.