Saturday, June 20, 2009

Diabetes Danger For Patients

Do not consider mild diabetes. Diabetes is a dangerous disease. If you do not notice the early signs of diabetes you suffer illness becomes severe. Recognizing the signs of diabetes is very important so you should understand and be able to detect signs of diabetes and early warning symptoms.

It is therefore important to recognize the symptoms of diabetes
The first stage of diabetes known as before diabetes. before diabetes occurs when a person's blood glucose levels higher than normal but not so high to trigger a diagnosis of diabetes. Although you may develop before diabetes does not mean that you will be stricken with diabetes management.

Before diabetes is sometimes difficult to recognize. But if you have the following symptoms then you may before diabetic potential. If you drink a lot, frequent urination, if your vision becomes blurred at times and if you feel tired all the time, then you can have pre-diabetes. If you see these signs, you must immediately take action to prevent pre-diabetes developing into a more severe diabetes.

All you need to do immediately is. You need to lose weight by 5-10 percent, and you should exercise regularly, for 30 minutes every day. Weight loss and moderate exercise can restore elevated levels of blood glucose to normal.

Therefore sports for people with diabetes is very important although the mild exercise. The important condition in the guard's body to stay healthy.Diabetes Causes Of Death

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