Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diabetes And Fasting

Diabetes and Fasting
Many diabetics who complain when undergoing fasting. Especially in the month of fasting Romadhon. Because diabetes hunger, thirst difficult to overcome.
But do not worry for people with diabetes, you tetep bias

• Patients are restrained enough to just eat the settings have no trouble when fasting. Patients who are quite restrained with a single dose of the drug also had no difficulty in berpuasaObat given during fasting.
• For controlled with oral hypoglycemic drugs (Oho) high doses, the drug dose is given before the break is greater than dosissahur. For the use of insulin, insulin use medium term given the breaking of course.
• The patient must use insulin (DMTI) double dose, is recommended for not fasting in the month Romadhon

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