Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Food Consumed Natural Diabetes Patients

This is a one again about Information Diabetes, The first time, diabetes has been cured naturally. But now with the advent of advanced medical technology, the search for drugs to cope with diabetes.

According to some researchers that showed the use of herbs, oils and plant products and by-products may help in natural medicine. Have you ever had that problem to ask your doctor .. We know the disease Diabetes is a disease that kills human bias if not addressed. For that let us learn about a few things about diabetes. We discussed one by one.

A. fish oil, omega-3 oil, borage oil

Research shows that fatty acids are beneficial in improving cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes. Gamma linolenic acid is a fatty acid found to normalize and reduce the metabolism of fatty acids that can worsen the complications of diabetes. Therefore, fish oil, omega 3, borage oil is very important for the health of fish kita.Minyak body was recommended to protect against diabetes.

B. Hydrotherapy

Did you know that dimaksut to Hydrotherapy? Let us behas about hidroterapi.Hidroterapi is the process of using water to treat diabetes. The ability of water to absorb heat and can have a useful effect for the human body. Among the benefits is that it can reduce blood sugar levels, sleep soundly and improve the freshness of the body, especially the

C. Good Healthy Diet

Natural and raw foods can add benefits to your body. Healthy eating fruits and vegetables, while attached to natural regimen can cleanse the body.

D. Massage or a reflection

Hands on therapy or massage can improve the welfare and health. Soft tissue and muscles are manipulated in this process which affects the blood circulation, muscle and nervous system of the body. Massage had since been used to treat diabetes and other diseases.

Some people may feel comfortable with drugs but they have people who prefer natural ways to cure their disease. The term for the process of treating diabetes in natural ways is called naturopathy. Naturopathy consists of herbal medicines. Scientific investigation recently has established the efficacy of certain natural plants which may be effective, including balsam pear, bitter melon, garlic, red onion, Asian ginseng, bilberry, ginkgo biloba extract, cinnamon and barberry. From the example above try to consume

People with diabetes is always recommended that the reduction of sugar intake is the best help for their illness. Consult your doctor if your diabetes more severe and do not forget taking the drug your doctor ordered. Take care of your health continues. This food recommended for anything type diabetes.

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