Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Disease Diabetes Complications Can Cause Disease

Many people underestimate diabetes. It's a big one! That diabetes is the beginning of other diseases appear in our bodies. We know for diabetics, the slightest injury was biased to be dangerous if not addressed properly. Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce, too little, or can not produce insulin (a hormone produced in the pancreas is responsible for managing glucose levels).

This resulted in the excess blood sugar. If not managed properly, diabetes can increase the risk of a dangerous disease. A dangerous disease that is
1. Heart disease
2. Kidney disease,
3. Gangrene,
4. Hypertension,
5. and stroke.

From the above diseases can be called a disease complications, and that the bias caused death.

Because for people with diabetes is expected to be more careful in keeping up not let glucose does not cause complications. If someone is exposed to complications of the disease much money should be spent for the treatment of the most biased and cause death. Doctors here have a very important role for patients with complications. Therefore continue to consult to avoid severe lehih disease

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