Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cholestero And Diabetes

Many people who do not know about the disease know about diabetes. Factors That Cause Diabetes which causes diabetes. Now let us learn about the disease one of diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus Possible Causes is kolesterol.You are already kolesterol. Word Cholesterol often we hear everyday. Keyword cholesterol is attached to the things about good food, excessive weight, age, and so forth. Cholesterol tended known as something negative and we must hindari. Onion, Important To Health
Cholesterol is a fatty compound complex, which produced 80% of the body (liver) and 20% are from outside the body (nutrients) for a variety of functions in the body, such as forming the cell wall.

Cholesterol is a substance which is in the foods we eat can improve blood cholesterol levels. But, as far as revenue is balanced with the need, your body will remain healthy.

Cholesterol is not soluble in blood fluids, for it to be sent to the whole body needs to be packed with proteins into particles called lipoproteins, which can be regarded as a 'bearer' (carrier) cholesterol in the blood.

Is cholesterol harmful?

From the questions above we may conclude that the disease is also very dangerous cholesterol levels, especially for diabetics. Kolesterok therefore must be maintained in a way that bergisi eating, not too much, regular exercise and enough rest. if we do it regularly will reduce diabetes.

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