Sunday, December 20, 2009

Secret Reduce Diabetes Disease

We know that in this world diabetes increasing in number. Many countries are difficult to overcome the problem of diabetes. But Singapore can overcome the problem of diabetes. How can I fix.

First we need to know What makes the number of people with diabetes continue to rise? According to Prof. Slamet, lifestyle factors (excessive eating, lack of exercise, stress), derivatives and access to affordable treatment is not the cause of rise in blood sugar levels and lower insulin causes diabetes. Anyone can get a good diabetic children, the elderly, young, beautiful, ugly, everything can be affected. By because they were a healthy lifestyle should really be considered routine treatment.

It was noticed by the government in Singapore. The Singapore government makes regulations that encourage a healthy lifestyle for the community. Example for his military service that fat contract will be extended to 3 months or for children of school hours for lessons plus more sports and play, "said Dr Soewondo Pradana, chairman Perkeni (Endrokinologi Indonesian Association).

The point is to make its rules a bit to force people to apply healthy living, since people often forget about the lack of discipline and health care. And because the state of Singapore has proven to do so, too should be able to Indonesia. "Maybe to Indonesia, could be by adding hours to its employees that fat,"

That way the government can fix the problem singapore diabetes. therefore we must imitate the

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