Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fruit Juice Beverage Closely Related to Diabetes

Women in this world want to have a beautiful body, not fat and not skinny. much they do to get a good physique. Therefore, women who want to avoid type two diabetes should fill their plates with green vegetables and all kinds of fruit. However, they recommended postponing the consumption of fruit juice. As a drink every day. With the increasing consumption of fruits each day, or increase the intake of green vegetables, like spinach, will reduce the risk of developing diabetes at the age periods above 18 years.

It was thought that eating fruits can increase the risk of diabetes, but there are experts who say that they found, increased consumption of fruits three times a day associated with a reduced risk of diabetes type two reached 18 percent. If you multiply the consumption of green vegetables, it will reduce the risk of diabetes by 9 percent. However, the addition of fruit juice consumption may actually increase the development of diabetes, approximately 18 percent.

Based on these findings, people are suggested to be very careful if you want to replace some drinks with fruit juice as an effort to implement a healthier lifestyle. We must continue to consider the types of fruits and vegetables that are suitable for our consumption. For the role of doctors is very important to us.

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