Thursday, December 10, 2009

Onion, Important To Health

Do you have diabetes? Did you know pengen natural foods for people with dibetes? You want information? At sina we will discuss about good food in the consumption of people with diabetes, of course, natural foods. Cholestero And Diabetes

Herb butter

Bean concoction effective drug for diabetics. Being able to lower blood sugar levels


Everyone must know and never eat lettuce. Lettuce is an ideal food to lower blood sugar levels. It is low in cholesterol and carbohydrates. Foods that lower cholesterol is very good for health.


Tomatoes are one food saloah for some people faforit Tomatoes are foods for diabetics since it not only lowered lowering glucose levels in the urine but also help them to lose weight. Therefore, doctors recommend eating tomatoes every day.

Soya Bean

Soybean able to keep blood sugar levels in the body and able to overcome the problems urinating. Soybeans have a low carbohydrate content but rich in protein. This is also good for health.


Each dish will be delicious when combined with delicious onion garlic consumed either cooked or raw good for diabetics. This bias lowering blood sugar levels. Onion bring similar compounds used to produce insulin. Onion consumption is much better for health.

French beans

French beans are also good for diabetics consumed. French beans taste delicious when cooked properly. They are rich in protein and fiber and contains some complex carbohydrates as well. Therefore, French bean is recommended by doctors to be consumed in order to lower blood sugar levels.

Brussels Sprout

Did you know Brussels Sprout? Bean juice cocktail from France and Brussels sprout juice is a great juice to lower blood sugar levels. Juice stimulates insulin production, resulting in lower blood sugar levels.

When we consume food as above with the routine diabetes overcome the bias that is not getting worse and be able to keep from complications cause. Consultation with the doctor the most important thing. Onion very important for any type diabetes.

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